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Company “Tankmont” ltd. was formed in statutory change of company “ Metal Montaža'' , which had worked for 9 years. The first general manager of Tankmont was our father, Cukovic Ostoja. He had imputed enormous energy and know-how to create sound foundation of our company and introduced us into the business world in which honesty, quality and responsibility are appreciated.

Company’s field a work is defined as planning, constructing, engineering and the most performed was constructing metal constructions. Employees are structured from mechanical, civil engineers and highly qualified locksmiths and welders. The references below show that in the last three years we have specialized in building big reservoirs for oil derivates tanking.

Cooperation with big investors and other circumstances lead to constructing reservoirs on the territory of Russian Federation, according to their standards and laws Standards of R.F. , SNIP and GOST were tighten up and made more rigorous by RD , internal standards of the investor “Transnjeft” which are very close to API, American standards.

Apart from reservoirs, we have been constructing and assembling pipelines for oil transport, of a 1000 diameters, with lees diameters, for water and foam transport, in fire protection system.

We have successfully participated in constructing and assembling steel constructions, like halls and supporting constructions. We are pleased to say that every construction was finished before the deadlines, which were very short, and that the speed of constructing has not diminished the quality of work.